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“Queenie van de Zandt’s voice is a force to be reckoned with”
Limelight Magazine

How to Belt like a Pro
WithQueenie van de Zandt

What is belting? Well, it's basically what singers do when they sing very high notes, loudly, with passion. In this online workshop, Queenie van de Zandt, AMTA's Founder & Director of Drama & Delight, will teach you some really simple exercises that she’s gathered over the past 30+ years as one of Australia’s most respected musical theatre and cabaret performers, to help you find and improve your belt voice.

If you're finding that your voice isn’t supporting you when you want to express those big feelings that go with belting a note, if your voice is breaking or shaky, or it hurts when you belt, and you want to learn how to healthily match your voice with your passion – then this is a perfect workshop for you.

All the exercises Queenie will teach you in this workshop are healthy and safe and are the exercises that she learned that allowed her to extend her belt range and develop the incredible belt voice that she is famous for.

If you want to know more (and watch some of Queenie’s phenomenal belting) check out the video below.

“However, the performance of the evening went to Queenie van de Zandt and her earth-shattering cover of ‘What Kind of Fool Am I?’ Standing stoically centre stage she took her time to build the song to an almost unbearably powerful conclusion. Her breathtaking clarion belt delivered the song to dizzying heights in an incredible display of precision, power and passion; she sung the crap out of that song!”
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Queenie van de Zandt
Director of Drama & Delight
Australian Musical Theatre Academy (AMTA)

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