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Australian Musical Theatre Academy


“Queenie van de Zandt thrills with her rich, passionate voice.”
Herald Sun

“...Queenie van de Zandt delivers a torch song with such raw emotional truth that your hair will stand on end...”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“She has one of the finest belt voices in the country supported by an incredibly natural and effortless vocal technique.”
People I Know

“The highlight of the night…vocal powerhouse Queenie van de Zandt...”
Man In Chair

“...van de Zandt dominates the stage and fills the stadium with her voice.”
Stage Whispers

“Her voice is unwavering and unquestionably thrilling”

“Queenie van de Zandt’s voice is a force to be reckoned with”
Limelight Magazine

“...her voice is something to behold... But perhaps the biggest highlight of the night is her rendition of “Defying Gravity”…it had the audience in raptures (one of the best responses to a song I have ever seen...”

“…the exceptional, vocal powerhouse that is Queenie van de Zandt…uses her thrilling voice and soaring range…”
Herald Sun

“Queenie’s final appearance, and especially the quality of her singing, was absolutely stunning. Her last long note actually silenced the Spiegeltent briefly before a great outburst of spontaneous cheering and applause.”
Canberra Critics Circle

“Queenie van de Zandt… awe-inspiring soul and emotion, in song.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“...she wowed with a breath-taking second-half song, mesmerizing the crowd with her flawless performance... as good as it gets.”
Stage Whispers

“...van de Zandt brings the tent down with her second-act bluesy number.”
The Australian

“...immaculate soaring vocals...”
The Advertiser - Adelaide Now

“...the amazing ‘star power’ voice of Van de Zandt that filled the room”

“Queenie delivers emotive, raw and vocally charged performances.”
Weekend Notes

“Van de Zandt’s voice pierces your heart”
Stage Whispers

“She’s got a phenomenal within coo-ee will forget the most incredible performance of “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.”
Blaze News

“However, the performance of the evening went to Queenie van de Zandt and her earth-shattering cover of ‘What Kind of Fool Am I?’ Standing stoically centre stage she took her time to build the song to an almost unbearably powerful conclusion. Her breathtaking clarion belt delivered the song to dizzying heights in an incredible display of precision, power and passion; she sung the crap out of that song!”
Arts Hub

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