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Australian Musical Theatre Academy

About Create Your Dream Career

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work"
Emile Zola

Create Your Dream Career is led by renowned actor and AMTA’S Head Honcho, Queenie van de Zandt. Well known for her incredible versatility as a performer she has worked extensively in musical theatre, plays, cabaret, on television and film, and as a recording artist, comedienne and writer.

It was this versatility that led the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to approach her in 2011, to create a one-day workshop for their members on how to become proactive in their careers and get the most out of their talents.

Out of this came the Create Your Dream Career workshop - designed for adult creative artists.

In this workshop, you will develop a motivating career strategy to actualize your creative ideas and dreams. Whether it be to create a theatre piece, tv show, creative business, or film, to write a book or expand into an area of the arts and entertainment industry you’d like to work in, Create Your Dream Career helps you discover skills you never thought you had and to create an artistically and financially fulfilling work life.

Through brain-storming ideas, thought-provoking writing exercises, and building the cornerstone beliefs of creative play, Create Your Dream Career will empower you to become a proactive and creative artist. You will leave the workshop with a concrete plan, and measurable artistic outcomes, of how your skills can be utilised in many areas, leading you on a path towards your ultimate, artistic goals.

“Queenie is such an incredibly creative and proactive performer in her own career, who really has the ability to inspire people to look laterally and find new ways of getting where they want to be; she’s the perfect teacher for this course.”
Alexandra Jones
The Equity Foundation (the professional development arm of the MEAA)

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