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Singing & Vocal Warm-Up Exercises

Singing & Vocal Warm-Up Exercises


Discover and develop your natural voice

Beth Daly & Queenie van de Zandt

Queenie van de Zandt, one of Australia's most acclaimed musical theatre performers, has teamed up with her long-time friend (and renowned singing teacher), Beth Daly, to create a ground-breaking album of singing and vocal warm-up exercises. The album has been met with widespread acclaim from industry professionals and is now being used by music theatre performers around Australia to warm up before their shows.

The album, entitled "Singing & Vocal Warm-Up Exercises," features a collection of exercises designed to help performers develop their vocal range and pitch, to control vibrato, as well as develop a healthy belt. Queenie was inspired to create the album after using Beth's exercises in her own training and seeing remarkable results.

"I am a self-taught singer who only had a handful of lessons in my life, but luckily those lessons were with my friend Beth Daly," said Queenie. "Beth is not only a brilliant musical theatre performer and writer but also one of Sydney's most sought-after singing teachers. I loved Beth's exercises, they really helped me develop my range, stamina and most importantly – my belt! So, when I began teaching myself, I used her exercises and then developed them further with my own students. Both our students started asking for a copy of the exercises, so Beth and I decided to record an album together and Singing & Vocal Warm-Up Exercises is the result."

The album has received glowing reviews from industry professionals, who have praised its comprehensive approach to vocal training. It has quickly become an indispensable tool for performers of all levels.

So, whether you’re a ‘have a warble in the shower’ kind of singer or ‘you bring the house down in Hamilton and/or Mary Poppins’ kind of singer, Singing & Vocal Warm-Up Exercises can help you develop your voice to be the best it can be.

Physical Album - $25 Digital Download - $20
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