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Australian Musical Theatre Academy

Children's Audition Preparation Workshop
Focussing on
Billy Elliot the Musical

The Children’s Audition Preparation Workshop has helped many children over the years to achieve their professional dreams such as:

1 out of 5 Young Fiona's cast in the Sydney season

1 out of 5 Charlie's cast in the Melbourne season

1 out of 4 boys cast as Michael and
3 out of 13 girls cast as Ballet Girls in the Sydney season

14 out of 36 kids cast in the Melbourne season

1 out of 3 boys cast as the Young Bobby Darin

9 out of 12 kids cast in the Adelaide season
13 out of 18 kids cast in the Melbourne season
1/2 the kids cast in both Sydney and Brisbane seasons

1/5 of the kids cast in the Brisbane season
1/4 of the kids cast in the Melbourne season
1/4 of the kids cast in the leading roles of Matilda, Bruce and Amanda in the Sydney season

5 out of 6 children cast as Jeremy and Jemima in the Sydney season

2 out of 3 boys cast as Puglsey

To name just a few!

Below are just a few examples of great feedback about our workshops from parents, industry professionals and the media:

"Your workshops are SO valuable Queenie. Sophie has done two of your workshops and the information has DIRECTLY helped her get callbacks in auditions, and obviously to win roles as well!...She had a good run - three professional productions (Annie orphan, Chitty as Jemima, and now in Sound of Music as Louisa)…Love your work Queenie!!”
W. Moman
Parent – Brisbane
(Sophie was cast in the Brisbane seasons of Annie, as an Orphan, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as Jemima, and The Sound of Music, as Louisa)

"I loved learning the songs and routines it was so fun. All Queenie’s advice has been so helpful for me. The best part was to perform what we had learned through the day for our parents. I will take what I’ve learnt with me through my journey towards a successful musical theatre career”
Kelsi Boyden
Participant of the Children's Audition Preparation Workshop
(Kelsi was cast as Debbie in the original Australian production of Billy Elliot in 2007)

"My son Anthony attended your Matilda preparation workshop …you chose him to perform the Bruce vocal solo at the start of 'Revolting Children’… I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and once again wonderful workshop…Anthony has been cast in Matilda!”
C. Abrakmanov
Parent – Sydney
(Anthony was cast as Bruce in the Sydney season of Matilda the Musical)

“Queenie was truly instrumental in preparing my daughter for the Les Miserables audition, which resulted in her obtaining the part of Young Cosette. My daughter learns so much yet has so much enjoyment at the same time. Queenie has the perfect knack of working diligently towards a goal, building skills and experience along with having fun….I have full trust in Queenie teaching my daughter what she needs to know, giving her the best opportunity to succeed in musical theatre.”
P. Hall
Parent – Melbourne
(Jazi was cast as Young Cosette in the Melbourne & Perth seasons of Les Miserables, and as Lavender in the Melbourne season of Matilda the Musical)

“Queenie is truly INSPIRATIONAL! Thanks to her audition workshop & follow-up audition preparation, our daughter was cast as Marta in The Sound of Music (Sydney). Her workshops are unmissable…I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of the post-workshop preparation notes you sent to all of the parents. I took a lot away from this & applied your philosophies throughout the lead-up to the audition. Your outlook and guidance towards the children at the end of the workshop was something I won’t forget. Especially your story about the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of the industry.”
N. Hoogendyk
Parent – Sydney
(Takali was cast in the role of Marta in the Sydney season of The Sound of Music)

“We couldn't have been more impressed with the workshop our two girls participated in during the preparation for auditions. Not only was the workshop a really fun and relaxed day, it ensured the girls were fully prepared for what to expect during the audition. That coupled with the incredibly helpful information provided post workshop ensured they were as ready as they could be. We are thrilled that our youngest child Zoe was ultimately cast in the Adelaide production and we are sure this workshop definitely played a part in that success”
P. Pool
Parent – Adelaide
(Zoe was cast in the role of Gretel in the Adelaide season of The Sound of Music)

“Queenie's industry knowledge is second to none. Her workshops are a fantastic way to prepare, giving you insight and confidence for the audition process…(they) have a great success rate with many of the T&E kids who have attended, going on to land shows”
Emma Jane Hyland
T&E Management
(Children’s Theatrical Agents)

“The cost of the workshop is worth every cent… it’s about having an edge… in a tough audition, every little bit of help counts.”
The Courier Mail

“Demand for van de Zandt's services as an audition coach… has skyrocketed.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“…a musical theatre star-maker…”
The Morning Show, Channel 7

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